How effective and safe is radiotherapy in adult craniopharyngioma patients?


  • Radiotherapy treatment provides good disease control in adults with craniopharyngioma and would be advisable for those who have residual disease after surgery and those with inoperable tumors due to high risk.

Why this matters?

  • Craniopharyngioma are rare benign tumors that, due to their location in the suprasellar region, have high tumor- and treatment-associated mortality and morbidity, including vision impairment, endocrinopathies, hypothalamic syndromes, metabolic impairments, and decline in quality of life.

  • While surgical resection provides excellent disease control, it can lead to complications and recurrence; the side effects of radiotherapy are less known in the adult population compared to pediatric craniopharyngioma patients.

  • This study supports a balanced approach for adult craniopharyngioma, considering risks of surgery and advances in modern radiotherapy.